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Rishikesh Yog Kendra - Residential Teacher Training School in India,
Offers RYT 200 & YACEP Programs Registered with Yoga Alliance (USA)

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

Aerial Yoga | Hatha Yoga | Pre & Post Natal Yoga | Kids Yoga

Our mission is to revive an in-depth connection between the various branches of yoga, which leads to the path of self-awareness, and inner peace. To present in its original, whole and undiluted form, Rishikesh Yog Kendra offers an unmatched platform for students, both beginners to Intermediate level practitioners of all age groups. Thrilled and honored to share their expertise of traditional Hath Yoga the founder Acharya Vimlesh Joshi & co-founder Neha Thakur has come up with multi-style styles of yoga. Acharya Vimlesh, a pioneer in the Ariel yoga has been in practice for such a long time. Neha has combined the science with yoga to create a unique and effective teaching method for Prenatal- Postnatal, Kids and Children Yoga.

Rishikesh Yoga Kendra offers residential certified yoga teacher training programs affiliated with Yoga Alliance RYS200 & YACEP. The school has also gained a unique identity in Rishikesh for Aerial Yoga Training. Our Aerial Yoga is a certified course from Yoga alliance under YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuity Education Provider).

Expertises in Hatha yoga, both lead trainers are registered yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance (RYT). Their immense training in the offbeat styles yoga embarked aerial, pre-post natal and kids yoga as a popular trendsetter style. Rishikesh Yoga Kendra is a unique destination for all yoga practitioners across the globe, which gives a perfect opportunity to learn traditional yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Multi-style at one platform.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in India
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Asana in Rishikesh

Our spiritual approach goes beyond the body postures, enlighten the very core of your body and help to fulfill the ultimate goal of yoga- the Moksha.

The philosophical approach of our trainers is truly derived from the ancient Yoga textbook, scriptures, and Vedas. The course module is designed with a balanced version of yoga asana practices along with its philosophical essence without losing the actual core of traditional Yoga.

Our objective is not only to prepare qualified Yoga trainers but an individual who can further perpetuate the heritage of yoga by spreading awareness. We ensure that our graduates are ready to teach what they have learned with us, without any deformation. We honor yoga for what it offers to help humankind. Our precise training courses and stress-free natural environment makes us a unique destination to start the journey of manifestation.

"Our vision is to create harmony among all the members of the community; and to build up the bridge between health and happiness. Every member should be able to practice yoga and should be able to spread this knowledge and experience around the world".

Yoga Retreat in India, Rishikesh

Our retreats are like a yoga holiday, which is with fun, knowledge, challenges, adventure, spirituality, and satwik vegetarian meals. Our retreat location is in a pure mystic valley of the Himalayas at the bank of Holy Ganges in Rishikesh makes it pure delight.

Our tailor-made yoga retreat and holiday is the perfect gateway to the experienced yoga lifestyle. It has leisure, good food, yoga asana like Hatha and offbeat Aerial yoga along with Meditation and Pranayama.

Our retreat can be treated as a preparatory session for a beginner level yoga practitioner. Our retreat gives the platform for a budding yoga teacher to practice along with registered yoga teacher training trainee.

The retreat calendar is the all-around year. The timetable makes it energizing and finishes yogic occasion and excursion. The yoga retreat is highly flexible, and you can pick the time as per your convenience.

Affordable Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Yog Kendra.

Yoga is not an exercise, rather is an asset provided by our ancient sages to humanity. Founder-Acharya Vimlesh Joshi is a young yoga practitioner skilled in Hatha yoga as well as Aerial yoga. Being taught under the guidance of several gurus, he learned the skill in a brief period of time. Having no limits, our founder has expertise in Hatha yoga and Aerial yoga and is Registered Yoga Teacher.

Neha Thakur, Cofounder, expertise traditional yoga along with yogic anatomy. She is RYT from the Yoga Alliance. She additionally rehearses Pre-Natal and postnatal yoga and children yoga. Her anatomy background enhances the precise methodology of her session, particularly for those trying to learn pregnancy yoga.

Apart from professional yoga teacher training, both lead trainer also trains the locals and rural as voluntarily as an offer to the humankind on a routine basis. Join our team, and be the part of this noble lifestyle. Together let’s create a better tomorrow.

Teacher Training School Rishikesh Yog Kendra in India

Rishikesh Yoga Kendra Highlights

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Asana in Rishikesh
  • RYS 200 and YACEP registered with Yoga Alliance
  • Certified 200-Hour yoga teacher training
  • Certified Aerial Yoga Training under YACEP.
  • RYT 200 and YACEP certification in one course.
  • Clean, hygiene residential with modern amenities.
  • Satvik and vegetarian meals as per the yogic diet

Life after Rishikesh Yog Kendra

  • Offering all the major yoga forms, it is far-famed among all the yoga practitioners. Learning Hatha yoga acts as a stepping-stone to becoming expert gymnast, yin yoga, belle dancer, and many others.
  • Yoga alignment and methodology classes are well balanced on the floor as well as in suspension. This gives the opportunity for a yoga practitioner to understand the different version, and thus make them multidimensional.
  • Each of our graduates has versatility in performing yoga which makes them unique in their own way, and thus make them well trained modern yoga practitioner.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Asana in Rishikesh

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