YOGA has potential to change life, see how it benefits you ?

Yoga in its broadest form is a practice that involves breathing methods, meditations, physical stretchings, exercises, etc. together performed to gain specific or general benefit. It is an age-old practice and its origin can be attributed to at least five thousand years of history. Monks and wise disseminated the knowledge of the great skill, Yoga. Rishikesh Yoga Kendra is one of the US-certified Yoga centres serving the best of Yoga. The centre is continuously working for the mental and physical well-being of people through yoga training. If you introduce YOGA in your lifestyle, you will figure out an amazing change in your life.

What to expect from Yoga?

Yoga is beyond exercising your body every day. It has benefits that expand from physical health to mental and spiritual peace. The idea is to unify the mind, body, and soul through systematic practices and processes. Balance in life along with the peace of mind is what one can expect from practising yoga every day.

Mental and physical balance

With yoga, one can attain mindfulness as well as balance. Motor and cognition balance can be gained by practising yoga regularly. It makes things happen more consciously and efficiently in the course of life.

Improved sleeping patterns

You can notice the change in sleeping patterns with Yoga. People suffering from insomnia and sleeping issues can try yoga for sure.

Even blood pressure and diabetes

Practising yoga over time shows positive results in blood pressure and diabetes. Having said that, it is also important to consider the fact that we consult trained yoga practitioners and get yoga prescribed rather than just following whatever is available on social media.

Healthier breathing functions

Yoga enhances breathing function. It reduces congestion as well as aids in reducing breathing issues. Pranayamas are breathing techniques in yoga that help by exercising breathing patterns through breathing.

Peaceful mind

With yoga, one can attain stress relief and a peaceful mind. It unifies the body functioning with that of the mind. Depression and anxiety can be managed better by complementing yoga with mental health help. Rishikesh Yog Kendra classes have a peaceful ambiance promoting durable mental peace.

Chronic aches and pains

Yoga exercises specific regions of the body for those who have chronic aches, sprains, pains, etc. one must consult a physician as well as a professional yoga trainer before doing anything.

Hormonal regulation

Yoga regulates hormones and it has resulted in decreasing hormonal imbalance. It promotes a healthy lifestyle. Regularisation of periods in women is a noted benefit of yoga.

Improves focus

Increased focus and mindfulness come with yoga. Practising yoga has a positive effect on attention span and qualitative attention. One will be able to distract themselves from the deviations and channel their focus on what one wants to focus on.

Can we practise yoga on our own?

This is strictly a No. Do not practise any health care practice without considering the field experts. Always consult the professionals of the ring before doing anything to your body.

Yoga can backfire if not practised systematically. Hence it is important that we take classes, learn them, and if your trainer permits, you can practise at home but have the trainer at your back.

Yoga in Rishikesh is customised with supreme trainers

Can we practise yoga daily?

Practising yoga every day increases the rate of your body's metabolism which is a good thing. It is important to make sure that you are physically fit enough to perform yoga every day. However, you can customise yoga practices depending on your physical constraints by consulting your trainers.

Who should avoid yoga?

There is no specific set that must not practise yoga but it is critical that people with the following conditions consider the medical experts and the yoga professionals before starting Yoga.

  • 1. People with a history of bone or muscle injuries.
  • 2. Chronic illness or organ damage issues
  • 3. Pregnant women especially in each transitional phase of their pregnancy.
  • 4. High blood pressure
  • 5. History of heart issues
  • 6. People with age older than sixty-five years.

Above mentioned are not to be exempted from yoga but have altered practices and specific practices to improve their condition without causing any damage.

Body posture correction

The lifestyles that we have adapted to ruin the body posture. Leaning, slouching, uneven bending, inclining, and declining towards or against a screen, all contribute to bad posture habits. Often the uneven body posture leads to chronic aches and pain.

Yoga improves body posture, stretching, exercises, and asanas in yoga can be used to correct body posture in the long run. Check out the Rishikesh Yog Kendra for the same.

Weight regulation

Yoga helps in managing weight better. One can gain or lose weight and strengthen bodies practising yoga. Fat reduction as well as strengthening of muscles and bone weight happens with Yoga. So rather than limiting yoga to weight loss, we can diversify saying yoga can be best used for weight or body mass regulation.

Increased oxygen intake

Human constituency functions better when oxygen is supplied abundantly. Multiple benefits can be noticed when increased oxygen intake. Oxygen intake increases with yoga, we can notice it in healthy sleep, growth of height, hormonal balance, hair repair, stress relief, etc.

When should we practice yoga?

Since yoga is a nature-integrated process, circadian rhythms play a significant role. Yoga has no restricted time zone to perform but it is very important to give good gaps before and after meals. To get the best of the benefit, it is advisable to practise yoga in the morning or evenings in the early hours.


Yoga is a discipline that yields specific benefits. It is a long-standing practice whose beginnings may be traced back at least 5,000 years. It urges people to have healthy lives. Yoga has been shown to help women's periods become more regular. Hormone regulation brought about by yoga has lessened hormonal imbalance.

Practising yoga improves the quality of life in various aspects. It has an impact on various physical, mental, and biological cycles of the body. It is important that we go through guided practice to reap the fullest benefit without rendering any damage. Enrol yourself in Rishikesh Yog Kendra by contacting them through the website.