FAQs On Yoga Training/Retreat - Rishikesh Yog Kendra

Yoga Course Registration and Booking

You can write an email or submit the contact form at https://rishikeshyogkendra.com/contact-us.html with a choice of Yoga Teachers Training / Retreat.
You can pay online through PayPal / bank transfer at the booking link sent by our school, upon confirmation of admission.
You can pay 25% of the tuition fee to reserve your slot.
You can choose to pay on arrival before starting your yoga course / Retreat.
We accept USD / CAD / GBP and all major currency, Credit /Debit card, Bank Transfer, and online transfer using Paypal or Transferiwise
Ideally, you should book at least three months prior, so that you can have the best deal on airlines ticket.

Yoga Course Certification

Yoga Alliance Certification is valid internationally for certified yoga teacher training.
Any Yoga School Registered with Yoga Alliance is known as Registered Yoga School (RYS)

Yoga schools are registered under the accreditation of Yoga Alliance ® under the various certification program.

  • Yoga School teaches up to the level of 200 Hour TTC is RYS 200(Registered Yoga School 200)
  • Yoga School teaches up to the level of 300 Hour TTC is RYS 300(Registered Yoga School 200)
  • Yoga School teaches up to the level of 500 Hour TTC is RYS 500(Registered Yoga School 200)
  • Yoga school which offers certain course (Like Aerial Yoga) which are affiliated under YACEP is accredited with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®. These courses are ideally done after 200 hour TTC.
Yoga Training which is done with a registered yoga school under the various category of RYS 200, RYS 300, RYS 500, YACEP accredited by Yoga Alliance® is termed as Certified Yoga Teacher Training
Upon successful compilation of Certified Yoga Training from Registered Yoga School, one can enroll on Yoga Alliance® web portal to register as an RYT
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. The one who has a TTC certificate and has experience of certain hours of yoga teaching.
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher who has successfully completed 200 Hour TTC and must submit a minimum of 1,000 teaching hours. Candidate should also have a minimum of two years of training experience after completing 200 Hour training

Eligibility of Yoga Teachers Training

The aspirant who meets the guideline of Registered Yoga School of 200 Hour Training set by the Yoga Alliance® is eligible to enroll for 200 Hour Yoga TTC.
An Aspirant has to have 200 Hour TTC certificate issued by any Registered Yoga School
The aspirant who meets the guideline of Registered Yoga School of 500 Hour Training set by the Yoga Alliance® is eligible to enroll for 500 Hour Yoga TTC.
An Aspirant has to have 200 Hour TTC certificate issued by any Registered Yoga School
Yes, if you do not wish to have a certificate accredited with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Styles

Traditional yoga with a core agenda of balancing body and mind. Hatha Yoga is treated as the most ancient yogic practice done by sages and yogis. The formal introduction of Yoga Poses (Asana) is well defined in Hatha Yoga Pradipika defined by followers of Lord Shiva. Hatha Yoga was practiced by the yogi community famously knows as Nath Sampradaya(Nath Community).

In the Modern context, Hatha yoga is also termed as the base of all the variation and hybrid form of Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga should be considered as a variation of Hatha Yoga. In this style, the practitioner goes inflow from one pose to another. In the 20th century, K. Pattabhi invented this style and got famous internationally.

A particular sequence created by K. Pattabhi is termed as Ashtanga Vinyasa. Practioner of ashtanga Vinyasa are expected to memorize a sequence. The sequence is done rhythmically with breathing.

Usually, the sequence begins with five repetitions of Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskara A) and five repetitions of Sun Salutation B (Surya Namaskara B) followed by a standing sequence.

The sequence moves with six series of asana.

The six series are 1) Primary Series, 2) Intermediate series, 3) Advance A , 4) Advance B, 5) Advance C, and 6) Advance D

What is Multi-style Yoga

Multi Style Yoga is a club of classical traditional yoga with Modern style Hybrid Yoga.

Yoga Course at Rishikesh Yog Kendra

At Rishikesh Yog Kendra, the core teaching is based on the principle of Hatha Yoga.

The introduction of ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a part of the TTC syllabus at Rishikesh Yog Kendra.

Aerial yoga is a hybrid form of Hatha yoga, hence all the anti-gravitational form of asana will be taught in Aerial Yoga. One should check the detailed syllabus for aerial yoga TTC on our syllabus section.

Food & Accommodation

We served vegetarian / Ayurvedic unlimited three meals a day

Yes, you need to send us a request in advance.

Yes, you need to send us a request in advance.

We have a Private room and Twin Shared Rooms. Our all rooms have attached toilet and washroom.

Health and Safety

We serve filter drinkable water, safe for drinking.

Our meals are prepared with hygiene. It's safe

Travel To Rishikesh


We have a tie-up with the local transporter.
  • From Dehradun, (DED) Airport to our center:: $15 ( 800 Rs) or $28 (1600 rs) for both way transfer.
  • From New Delhi, (IGI) Airport to our center:: $60 ( 4200 Rs) or $120 (8200 rs) for both way transfer.
This price will decrease should we be able to pair you up with someone else arriving roughly at the same time.

New Delhi IGI, Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest International airport. Rishikesh is about 270 KM from New Delhi and takes approx 7 to 8 hours drive from Private Taxi.

There is no direct airplane to Rishikesh. Jolly Grant DED (Dehradun) is the nearest domestic airport. Rishikesh is about 35 KM from Dehradun airport and takes approx1.5 hours to drive from Private Taxi.

There is no direct train to Rishikesh. The nearest railway station is Haridwar or Dehradun. Upon arrival, one can hire a taxi to reach Rishikesh.

One can take a bus from New Delhi ( ISBT) Interstate bus terminal to Rishikesh Bus Terminal and will have a 9 to 10 hours drive.

Things to Pack for your Yoga Training / Retreat.

  • Enough clothes as per the duration of your yoga training/retreat. Although we do have an outsourced laundry facility.
  • Comfortable nightclothes( Pajama and top) which can also be comfortably worn while going for morning walks/nature walk or breakfast.
  • Comfortable shoes / multipurpose shoes good for walking and trekking
  • Flip Flop, India s best for this, and you can have it here
  • Sandals and chappals for a casual outing
  • Electronics (laptop, tablets, and cameras) Don’t forget to take along the chargers or batteries of the electronic gadgets which are being carried.
  • A backpack (meant for backpacking and hiking and trekking).
  • We have load shading, so better to keep a Headlamp or flashlight. Small torch and a water bottle.
  • Medicine prescribed by your doctor.
  • You can keep basic first-aid like band-aids, antibacterial cream, etc, although it’s available here in the local market.
  • More sets of undergarments/socks to avoid washing them frequently
  • Basic toiletries, shaving kit, deodorants, nail cutter, sunscreen hand sanitizer, shampoo, toothpaste, Although everything is available here in the local market.
  • Swiss knife for cutting fruits, opening seals or caps,
  • Your camera, laptop especially if you are a TTC aspirant, then you may have to write longer assignments during your course.
  • Pendrive / USB stick for file sharing, external hard drive
  • Spectacles or contact lenses – If one wears glasses or lenses then an alternate set should be kept

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