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Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you control your senses and create self-awareness. Practicing mindfulness in your daily routine helps you relax your body and calm your anger and anxiety. It involves various breathing techniques and related practises that you can perform to relax your body.

When you start overthinking, spending too much time planning, or thinking negatively, you can easily experience stress, anxiety, and even depression. But at our Rishikesh Yog Kendra, we offer various mindfulness training to help you eliminate all your work-related problems and engage with the world around you.

In mindfulness training, we provide various professionals and experts who guide you through the basics of meditation and thus help you to experience positive thoughts with greater balance. Moreover, it helps you to improve attention, reduce job-stress, enjoy better sleep and accept yourself.

mindfullness training

As the corporate world is full of challenges, we offer online classes with flexible timings to help you meditate whenever you want. For better results, our dedicated experts start with some simple ways to practise mindfulness, including experiencing your environment by paying attention, focusing on your breathing, finding joy in simple activities, etc., and then make you practise more structured mindfulness exercises, such as:

  • 1. Body scan meditation
  • 2. Sitting meditation
  • 3. Walking meditation

At Rishikesh Yog Kendra, you can easily nourish yourself and reconnect to a healthy working environment by keeping control of your senses and understanding the key aspects of a healthy life. We ensure that our experts will quickly transform your stressful days into peaceful ones, effortlessly.