Why is aerial yoga so popular with modern yogi?

Why is aerial yoga so popular with modern yogi

Aerial yoga is hot and trending right now it is a combination of traditional yoga, aerobatics, and dancing. It was invented by Aerial performer Christopher Harrison and Broadway choreographer in 2007 in Canada. It requires a special kind of Silk hammock that needs to be hooked firmly through ceilings. These hammocks are designed especially and it can support up to 300 kg of weight on an average.

Although the setup appears to be very threatening and it looks very tough and it appears like a person has to undergo a very special kind of training to do this, the fact is, anyone who can do three consecutive sit-ups can do it. All you have to do is to just overcome the initial fear and you will be able to enjoy the classes.

During the class, you will be enveloped in a supportive hammock and an instructor will instruct you through the series of yoga postures that would recalibrate your body and fill you with rejoicing and energy.

Aerial yoga has become popular in recent times as it gives an advanced edge to a professional yoga instructor in terms of balancing your own body against gravity. The sequence of Aerial yoga makes it more interesting compared to classical hatha yoga and modern ashtanga vinyasa yoga style.

Aerial yoga sequences are helpful for the person who is into extensive yoga training, dancers, acro artist, and gymnast.

What are the benefits of Aerial yoga?

What are the benefits of Aerial yoga

Whole-body workout: As you do moves while hanging from the ceiling in a silk hammock every muscle of your body is engaged as there is no support from the ground to remain in that posture you will have to stay calm, rest, and stretch your body in appropriate direction to maintain the balance otherwise you will flip.

Best cardio exercise: scientists have found Aerial yoga is very intensive for cardio other traditional exercises like cycling and swimming, scientists have also found that 50 minutes 320 calories is the same as it is burned while walking.

Impact on mental health: this form of yoga helps you to release pressure and stress and thereby reconstruct your enthusiasm it also increases the memory and knowledge by strengthening your neural connections.

Grow new body aptitudes: Although aerial yoga is a form of yoga, which is somewhat fun and coolest exercise, and as it empowers you to exercise all yoga form movements all around. It also lets you perform the new and improved developments so you can create body abilities that you usually neglect to achieve with normal yoga exercises done on the floor.

Inspiring: When you go for this kind of exercise, you feel fully relaxed and highly energetic and it proves to be full of joy and enthusiasm. That is the reason that its benefits are evident and undeniable.

Plain Fun: And finally, this type of exercise is more fun than a workout through which one feels great and is far from daily routine exercise and it lets you fly through the air, and thereby aerial yoga is the exercise that pushes you to your fitness goals!

Aerial Yoga Training Syllabus

The aerial yoga syllabus is no different than classical yoga training with one difference where asanas are performed against gravity on hammocks. The typical set of hatha yoga and vinyasa series are performed above the floor while balancing the body alignment. Balancing against gravity is a challenge, where the practitioner has to master the skill.

Things to take care while performing aerial yoga asana

It is essential for the body to warm- up to prevent injuries during pre and post workouts.

Yogic Anatomy Study while Aerial Yoga Training

Aerial yoga is unconventional as compared to the traditional forms of yoga. As such it is important for the participants to understand human anatomy, its functions, and the medical concerns associated with Aerial Yoga.

It helps to be familiar with the body and protect us from any injury. We believe the students who are coming for the Aerial Sessions have done their deep lecture on anatomy in their 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Programme. Aerial Anatomy will be more on Bones, Muscles, and breathe.

Certification of Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

After completing Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Programme at Rishikesh Yog Kendra, students will be certified with YACEP Certificate accredited with Yoga Alliance (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Programme). The certification will help them to teach Aerial Yoga Worldwide.

The benefit of intensive Aerial Yoga Training

What are the benefits of Aerial yoga
  • YACEP certificate accredited with Yoga Alliance for the intensive training program
  • Classroom and self-learning modules
  • Participants will learn how to design individual and group workouts.
  • Benefits of Aerial Yoga Teacher Training over conventional workouts and its role in post-injury rehabilitation
  • Introduction to body biomechanics, human anatomy, and their application to Aerial Yoga. Medical conditions to consider when enrolling students for an aerial class.
  • Learn essential training and spotting skills.
  • Ideal for fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts looking for a skill upgrade. Health coaches and sports therapists who work with strength and conditioning for athletes.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the other benefits are: This yoga helps us to reduce our weight as it causes stress and stretches on various muscles during the various postures that we do. It also helps in improving our body balance. This yoga usually inspires our innovation, creativity, mind, and soul this helps us to awaken spiritually and mentally this is just one side of a coin The other side enhances our happiness as it turns out to be fun activities and one enjoys doing it as it gives us the thrill and provides new energy to the body.

Based on the above-mentioned benefits, one can say that aerial yoga is the best exercise for the development of both the body and brain. To get the best out of the newest yoga form, you have to follow Aerial yoga training to achieve the most extreme benefits with the least efforts.

Don'Ts and Precautions of Aerial Yoga

Antigravity yoga is not recommended for pregnant ladies and also for persons who have had eye surgery in recent times and who are suffering from vertigo. You are perfectly okay then the person of any age group can do this yoga, even though the person has not taken any yoga classes in his entire life. Just like traditional yoga this yoga also benefits the emotional psychological and spiritual health of humans

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